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Winter is the time of year we see more men sprouting out their facial hair and why not, apart from us all knowing how great it looks it’s going to keep you a little warmer during the cooler months. However, Winter characteristically is the toughest time to grow a great beard. First, we’ll explain then give you a few tips so you’ll have the best-looking face warmer in town.

As the seasons change and the temp drops, moisture disappears from the air, making the winds drier which wrecks havoc on your beard. Have you ever noticed your skin is a lot drier and gets crackly in winter? The same thing is happening to the skin under your beard, your beard will suck the natural oils from the skin beneath the beard to keep it moisturized, this is the reason a lot of guys will get an itchy beard or see some evidence of beard-druff (dry flaky skin that falls out when you scratch your beard) it means the natural oils provided via the skin below are not enough to keep up with your beards requirements.

The solution is quite simple, there isn’t enough natural oil from your skin to keep it all in check so a daily dose of beard oil is going to give your beard and skin beneath the boost it needs, soften up the hair and make you smell great as an added bonus. Beard oil is so much more important in the cooler months, without it, you’re looking at a dry beard which is going to feel rough and crunchy, your beard hairs are more prone to breaking leading to an uneven, rough and untidy looking beard.

Our Top 3 Lightweight Beard Oils For Winter Beards. 

A lighter weight beard oil is better for winter as it will absorb into the skin and beard quicker, whereas a heavy oil will sit on top which is great for adding more weight but in winter the lighter oil is what you want.

1. Stag Supply Spice Smuggler Beard Oil

This oil is one of our lightest so it is going to have no trouble absorbing into your beard and skin beneath and at only $24 is one of the most cost-effective options too. The warm spiced citrus scent is also going to go well in the cooler months.








2. The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil

This oil is known for getting rid of beard itch and is a lightweight oil that also has a bit of weight to it, allowing for the majority to absorb but still adding a bit of weight and volume to your beard. A few drops a day of this is going to get your beard ready and prepared to take on winter.


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3. Reuzel Beard Foam

A little different to oil this is a lightweight water-based product that is going to moisturize the skin and beard the same as a beard oil will, however, will not leave a residue on your hands. Although the downside is it will evaporate a little quicker than the above oils, however in a foam pumped container the ease of use is a winner here.


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