WIN 3 Months Of Beard Oil


Let us take care of that beard and give you your best one yet for 3 months, with a new beard oil supply drop every 4 weeks! We’re on the hunt for some of Australia’s great beards that know how to groom and want to be featured amongst our content and be shown off to the rest of Australia. Sound like you?

All you need to do is send us a small video, only a few seconds long, telling us how the products you’ve purchased from The Bearded Stag have improved your beard game. We’re not looking for any high quality professionally filmed videos just a quick video shot on your phone is all that’s needed. If your video is one of the 12 that will be featured in any of our online content we’ll reward you with your best-looking beard for 3 months with regular supply drops and a one on one phone call with one of our beard styling experts to tailor a unique beard grooming routine for you to make sure you’re ahead of the game.

We’re looking for 12 or more videos, so the chances of one of yours being used (meaning the chances of being rewarded) are quite high.

Video Requirements:

Video clip should be between 10 and 30 seconds shot on your mobile is fine.

Video needs to include at least one product that you have used and purchased from us online. You can include more than one product as well.

You should mention how the product or services at The Bearded Stag have improved your beard, or how the product has changed your grooming routine.

You should say whether or not you recommend The Bearded Stag or the product to others.

That’s it! Just upload the finished video once done.

How to upload:

You can upload the video file directly to our dropbox via the link below. alternatively, you can send it to us via the facebook messenger link below or you can send to us via email at

Be sure to include your mobile number and email address in whichever submission you choose. You can even include your phone and email address at the end of the video (Don’t worry if used we will cut this part out of the video, no one else will see your contact details.)

Files need to be uploaded via July 18th, 2018 but the sooner the better. Wink, Wink!

Winners will be notified by email, 3 month supply of beard oil will be delivered 3 times, one at the start and then another 4 weeks later then one more 4 weeks after the last one.

Upload To Our Dropbox Here


Send To Us Here In Facebook Messenger


Best of luck!




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