Top 3 Beard Styles of 2021 and How to Achieve.

Did you know there are 27 different beard types? Sure everyone’s beard is unique, but every single beard will fit into one of 27 different styles depending on how it grows and what you do with it.

While we aren’t going to go through all 27 styles of these, there are definitely more popular styles than others and we’ve got the top 3 most popular for 2021 and how you can easily achieve and maintain these looks. 

 3. Full Beard Defined Stache. 

There’s one thing that shows confidence and assertiveness in your style and that’s by taking control of your moustache. Anyone can grow a beard but if you really want to show your serious about your look and style you’ll show it with your moustache. Some people will add a slight upward curl to their moustache but the key is to define the moustache and make it stand out on its own from your beard, whether it’s a curl up or down or straight is all a personal preference.

Keep the beard around the moustache a little shorter to make sure the moustache stands out, use moustache wax to define your stache and beard oil to keep the rest of the beard soft and healthy.


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 2. The Full Beard. 

The big, thick full beard has always been one of the most popular beard styles and most desirable to attain as well. There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to pull of this beard style though. To the untrained eye, it looks like you decided to stop shaving some time ago and while it’s true this is how you get a big full beard this is where it shows those that style and those that don’t, no one wants a big dry rough beard. This style needs a bit of TLC to really shine and look great.

A full beard like this is going to have a hard time shedding dead skin (beard-ruff) from under the beard and it’s also going to collect more dust and dirt particles throughout the day, a beard wash is a must a couple of times a week. Beard Oil daily making sure you get some to the skin beneath the beard as well. Finish with a beard balm to add more weight to the beard and control the shape and style.


 1. The Business Beard. 

While it might not be the most exciting the reality is a lot of guys work professionally and like to keep their beards neat and a bit shorter. It’s by far the most popular style and the beard you will see around the most. Unfortunately, it’s also the beard style that requires alot of maintenance, but with the right tools is easy to keep looking great. As your beard is short the only product you’ll need is beard oil but you’ll need a few more tools to maintain this look at home.

The key to this style is all the edges of your beard, you’ll want to use a straight-edge razor to get the lines around your beard perfect, you’ll also want to use a clear shave gel so you can see the hair beneath, this way you will only be removing the hair around the edges. Use a pair of beard scissors to trim any stray hair every few days and keep everything the same length. A few drops of beard oil will keep this style looking great, remove any beard itch and reduce the roughness of the beard hair.


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