The Ultimate Guide To Styling Your Beard!

We’re back beard brothers this time with the ultimate, no-nonsense guide to styling your beard. We’ve got the details to take your beard from that scruffy, straight out of bed look to a well-groomed beard that gives everyone a serious case of beard envy.
We’ll be straight up, this guide has some solid tips to get your beard looking just the way you want it with a sample grooming routine you can follow and some common forgotten areas that can change the look and style of your beard. We also have a couple of product recommendations because let’s be real your beard may look great naturally on its own but beard products are designed to improve the look of your beard and the right product for the right scenario can be a game-changer for the style of your beard.

T H E  M O R N I N G

First things first, drag your scruffy beard to the bathroom. You need to get some moisture into the beard and skin stat! If you shower in the morning great, make sure you get your beard wet in the shower, if you don’t that’s fine just splash some water on your beard as you wash your face. Now, pat dry your beard with a towel, you want it to be slightly damp, the moisture will help you style and groom your beard. Grab a few drops of beard oil, about 3 drops of oil for each inch of length in your beard. Scratch the oil into the skin beneath your beard and use the residue on your hands to coat the hair and pat the beard down. 

Now an important step a lot of guys don’t know, grab your favourite beard balm, beard oil will give you a nice look and feel but it does nothing for style. Scoop a small amount of your beard balm out, melt by rubbing between your hands and apply to the beard. A little goes a long way here, this will give your beard a uniform shape and keep it that way.

PRO TIP: Using the beard balm after the oil helps to lock in the moisture as the beard balm coats the individual follicles it traps the oil and moisture in making your beard softer and easier to style.

T H E  F O R G O T T E N  A R E A S 

The cheeks and more specifically the line along your cheeks and beard can be a problem for a lot of guys. Often this area of the beard does not have a uniform line and can be thinner than the rest of the beard. Most guys will leave this area alone, which if you want the scruffy look is fine. However, if you are wanting your beard to look styled and well-groomed it’s best to trim this line down so that it boxes your beard in and gives your beard shape and style. The only difference in the image below is the image on the left has been left alone whereas the right we have trimmed the cheek lines down slightly to create a straight line along the cheek and beard.


As you can see in the left image the hair above the cheek has a point where it stops growing in a uniform length and if left alone makes the beard look scruffy. If you picture a clear line along the cheek and beard where the hair is full it’s best to trim down to this imaginary line. This will drastically change the overall look of your beard’s style.

PRO TIP: You can use any beard trimmer or razor to get the cheek lines in, however for the ultimate line up tool use a cut-throat razor. The straight single blade, as well as the control of the tool, means you can get right in close and get the perfect line along the cheek.

T H E  N I G H T

Your beard has successfully made it through the day and for the most part, it’s held its shape and still looks pretty darn good! The nighttime routine is an important step. not only are we going to set our beard up to make it easier to style tomorrow but we are going to fill it full of nutrients that will help stimulate the beard follicles and soften it up overnight.

It’s time for your nightly shower, give your beard a clean to wash off any dirt you may have picked up during the day as well as any excess balm in your beard (you don’t want the styling waxes to build up in your beard as over time it will make the beard feel dry and rough) if possible, depending on what part of Australia you’re in if it isn’t 40 degrees already, it’s best to use warm water. This is going to make sure your pores are open and can absorb as many nutrients as possible. Pat your beard dry with a towel and while it is still warm apply another few drops of beard oil. Your beard and skin beneath will absorb the beard oil like crazy. Do this a couple of hours before you go to bed to make sure the oil is fully absorbed and won’t end up on your pillow. Your beard will now be significantly softer tomorrow morning allowing you to style it a whole lot quicker and easier.

PRO TIP: When cleaning your beard DO NOT use normal hair shampoo, you’ve heard us say it before, hair shampoo is intended for a completely different style of hair and it will dry your beard out which is the one thing we do not want! A decent beard wash only needs to be used twice a week and will gently clean the beard without stripping the oils. 

T H E   T O O L S  +  P R O D U C T S

You’ve probably already picked up a few tips throughout the guide, however, there are a couple of tools that you can use to maximise your results and also make this routine easier and quicker. The first is a beard brush, while you can definitely get by with a beard comb a brush is an ultimate tool for styling your beard. It distributes the product in your beard just as well as a comb will, however, it will exfoliate your skin beneath your beard at the same time, this will make sure any loose dried skin hiding under your beard combs out during your morning grooming routine so you won’t have any nasty white flakes drop out of your beard and onto your shirt during the day.

The number one product that you need to style your beard is a beard balm. If you are on a budget and want the best-looking beard possible and can only spring for one product this is the one to go with if style and looks are your main priority. You’re getting some conditioning properties for the softness and feel here but you’re mostly controlling the look and style of the beard with beard balm. If you are after the ultimate in beard looks and feel and you’re happy to spend a bit more to achieve the ultimate results you’re best to grab a beard oil and a dedicated beard shampoo as well.

PRO TIP: If you brush or comb daily you’re actually training your beard to grow in the way you brush. This will result, over time in your beard sitting naturally the way you always style it.

T H E   E N D   R E S U L T

This routine is designed to give you maximum beard style with minimal effort. We’re talking an extra 2 minutes in the morning to get your beard products in and styled and another 30-second beard oil application at night. We think that’s a pretty bloody good time investment to achieve a styled look to your beard and have everyone staring at your beard with a serious case of beard envy. 

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