The Ultimate Beard Styling Tips

So you’ve manned up and decided to grow a beard, smart move, and now you’re bushier than a 70’s porn star. The problem is, your mates’ beards are all clean, soft and styled, and you seemed to have developed the unkempt appearance of someone who’s been on a three-day bender that’s ended badly! But don’t despair: if you follow these ultimate beard styling tips, your look will go from hooligan to dapper gentleman in no time!

Beard Softener

In the early days of beard growth, keep your stubble from becoming scratchy by using a beard softener, or else you may be banned from kissing – or more important bedroom antics!

Moisturiser or beard oil

To maintain your beard in top condition, it’s essential to apply moisturiser liberally. Beard oil is the preferred option, as it’s specially formulated for man manes.

Shampoo and comb your beard regularly

It’s easy to spill food, beer or pretty much anything aimed in the direction of your mouth on your beard, so it’s important for general cleanliness and hygiene to shampoo and comb it regularly. Don’t worry about shampooing and combing your beard until it starts to grow longer or fuller. However, if you wake up one day to find there’s a small family of rodents living in it, you may have left the grooming a little late!

Trim where your neck meets your head

For the beard uninitiated, knowing how to trim your man mane is often more complex than you might think. Unfortunately, many men get overly ambitious with their razors and do a hatchet job on their new growth, leading to them having to shave it off cleanly. It’s best to trim where your neck meets your head. Also, don’t trim where your beard is sitting parallel to the ground – just what is parallel to the world in your direct vision.

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