The 7 Deadly Sins Of Beard Grooming

We are in the era of the beard. With celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Keanu Reeves and Ryan Reynolds swapping their smooth chins for something more primal and rugged, it seems that the beard is the new Rolls Royce. However, whether you’re a wannabe hipster, or a full-blown bearded gent, there are some beard grooming tips and tricks that are just sinful!

Put that comb and scissors down for a minute, as we take you through the seven deadly sins of beard grooming.

Wrath: the over shave

Ever heard of a flavour savour? That is something you seriously want to avoid! Don’t angrily hack away at your bead unevenly, or you could be left with what looks like a Ken doll toupee plastered on your chin. Or even worse, a JT ‘NSYNC’ beard.

Gluttony: too much product

If you’re applying beard oil several times a day, it’s going to look like it’s taken camp in a deep fat fryer. Limit beard oil and beard balm to every day/night after a shower for a luscious and moisturised beard.

Sloth: beard dandruff

A lazy beard care regime will most likely end up with dandruff. Keep an itchy and dry beard at bay by applying beard oil daily.

Pride: the ultra-sculpted beard

Remember those ridiculous ‘beards’ donned by boy band members in the early 90s? Your beard may be your pride and joy, but over-sculpted beards are a huge no-no! It’s all about that rugged and ready look.

Envy: the beard that never will be

When grooming and growing a beard, it’s important to take your face shape, hair colour and facial hair consistency into consideration. Although you may get green eyes whenever you spot a glimpse of Jared Leto’s full beard, there’s no point even trying if you have the facial hair of Justin Bieber.

Greed: the ultra-long beard

Khal Drogo can rock a super-long beard, but chances are it will just get in the way of your everyday life. Keep it trimmed, clean and tidy.

Lust: the beard that overtakes your face

Your facial hair may be your pride and joy, but you don’t want to be one, big, talking beard. Regular trimming will stop your sideburns taking over your face and your beard hitting your chest.


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