Tasks Every Beardsman Should Know: How to Tie a Tie

Being a Beardsman often means keeping up the dapper appearance, therefore knowing how to tie a tie is an essential skill that every bearded man should have a steady hold of. Sadly, for a large number of us, that’s just not the case. If you’ve got a big interview, an important meeting, or a formal event, you do not want to be to the guy sporting an embarrassing clip-on. Luckily, ties are relatively simple, and with a little bit of practice, everyone can learn to tie one.

When practising tying knots, a mirror will make it so much easier to see where you’re going wrong and which parts need to be adjusted. So it is recommended that the following is attempted in front of a reflective surface.

The simple knot

Timeliness and simplicity make the simple knot one of the most highly used knots worldwide. Suited for any occasion due to its aesthetically neutral look and adaptability, the simple knot should be the first in any man’s repertoire. However, it’s important to be aware that thinner materials and longer collars may affect its aesthetics in a detrimental manner. Here’s how to tie the simple knot.

1. Place the tie around your neck with both ends facing the right way around. Make sure the thicker end hangs at least a ruler length (30cm) below the thinner one.

2. Cross the thick end over the thinner end.

3. Bring that same thick end under the thinner end before bringing it up and down through the right-hand side of the triangle that should have formed around your neck. At this point, the thick part of the tie should be facing the wrong way up.

4. There should now be two knots at the end of the triangle. Take the thick end of the tie and in one motion place it over these knots, bring it back through the left-hand side of the triangle and pull it down underneath the first layer of fabric that is covering the two knots at the triangle’s base.

Voila, you can now tie a simple knot.

There are many other knots apart from this that are suited to other occasions. However, one should master the simple knot before attempting anything more difficult. Although it’s conventional, the simple knot is adaptable and versatile, and therefore it’s the essential knot that every man should know.

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