As Men, we want to know that we look good, however we also want quick, easy to use products that don’t mean spending huge amounts of time in the bathroom, especially where our beards are concerned. Here at The Bearded Stag, we couldn’t agree more, that’s why we suggest simplifying your beard grooming routine with a simple easy to use product that will highlight your beard’s natural glory and make it look better and feel amazing. We’re all about great results with minimal effort!

That’s exactly what our range of Beard Oils will do for your beard.

One bottle of this liquid beard gold will take that stunning display of man shrubbery on your face, make it feel great, look good and elevate your beard to a whole other level. It enhances your beard in so many ways and is so easy to use. It’s hard to believe how effective it actually is.

Here’s a quick look at 5 ways you will improve your beard with Beard Oil.

BEARD SOFTENER: No more spiky, rough feeling beard.

Does your partner complain about your rough and spiky beard when kissing you? Of course, they do. Beard hair is naturally coarse, dry, and rough to touch.

Beard Oil is designed to nourish and soften the beard hair, it will absorb into the beard and skin beneath, this will fill the beard hair with moisture and nutrients making it less rough as a result it’ll be so much nicer to touch and fondle.

BEARD STYLER: Let’s control that look.

As awesome as a beard can make our face look they can get scruffy.

When we use Beard Oil it absorbs into our beard making the hair heavier, this will add weight to your beard and make it sit in a more downwards direction, rather than random hairs going rogue and sitting any way they want. 

MOUSTURISER: Not just for your beard.

If your beard ever gets itchy, you’ve got dry skin under your beard, my friend, it is super common because beards deprive the skin beneath of receiving moisture.

The good news is Beard Oil absorbs into your skin beneath the beard as well and is an excellent moisturiser for your skin. It’ll remove any itchiness and stop dead skin forming under your beard, we call this beard-ruff.

COLOGNE: You’ve also got to smell good.

Not too strong, not till weak, you want that scent juuuust right. That’s where beard oil scents are balanced perfectly to provide an awesome scent that you and those close to you get to enjoy. 

There are so many scents to choose from and they all smell great!

GROWTH BOOSTER: Good foundations primed for good beard growth.

Don’t get this one confused, Beard Oil isn’t going to magically grow a beard for you however as a side effect to good beard grooming you give your beard the best foundations for strong thick facial hair growth.

Beard Oil helps growth in several ways, when using beard oil you are giving the beard and skin nutrients and vitamins that will help strengthen your hair, this will lead to fewer breakages in the hair follicles allowing the beard to grow stronger and thicker. Also, by massaging in beard oil to the skin beneath your beard, your body will increase the blood supply to this area which is bringing a whole stream of nutrients to the shaft of your beard hair.

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