How to use Moustache Wax

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Moustache wax, such an under used tool of the modern beardsman. I guess the idea can be a little daunting if you’ve never used it before. Even if you’re not a Hungarian bodybuilder in a leopard print unitard you will still benefit from a good wax-ing. When you see a styled moustache you immediately adorn respect for the wearer, who has taken his beard game to the next level.

Moustache wax will benefit all levels of beard owner, whether you’re an average level bearded gent wanting to control your hairy upper lip while also allowing you to comfortably eat and drink all day, or you’re a moustache connoisseur not afraid to be adventurous with some style and even throw a twirl here and there.


Moustache wax for on the go, Beardbrand mustache wax

How to apply…

Most moustache wax are hard set, the easiest way to prepare the wax is to scrape a small amount with your finger nail, then rub it between your fingers to soften and heat up the wax.

Now start working the wax in to the moustache, just naturally at this stage, make sure you work it all the way through, once all the wax has disappeared you can now start shaping you’re moustache.

If you are after a safe, tame look (we won’t judge, a twirl isn’t for everybody) shape the moustache naturally and let the wax harden. Your’e now done and can enjoy the befits of a controlled moustache.

However! We all know the REAL reason you have grabbed yourself a tub of moustache wax. Your’e going to twirl it, even if it is just once on a Friday night when you are alone I guarantee you will. You will need a hairdryer to achieve maximum twirl, Once the wax has been worked through with your fingers, gently heat the moustache up with the hair dryer in the direction you want it to sit. Now just go for it, twirl to whatever style you desire. Once you have a shape and twirl you’re happy with, set the hair dryer to cold to harden the wax.

Hopefully these tips and pointers have helped you brave the mysterious moustache wax. Like with all our beard grooming products, a little goes along way. Give it a go and don’t forget to tag us in your photos using #thecraftofmanliness!!

Happy Moustaching Gents,

The Bearded Stag


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