What is Beard Oil?


Beard grooming products and more specifically beard oil has risen to be the go to product for bearded men with a massive wave of popularity in recent times.

What is this magical beard potion?

Why is it the must have product of any self-respecting beardsman?

To better understand the reasons behind the success of these products, first of all we need to ask the big questions. What is beard oil? Why does it smell so delicious? How will it turn my beard from overgrown hippy to Mr Suave? Let’s take a look.

Beard oil, virtually non existent before 2006 has risen the ranks to be the fastest growing male grooming product. The oil itself is a mixture of essential oils such as grape seed, almond, castor and jojoba. The latter being the marvellous ingredient in this formula. Jojoba has been used by the Native Americans for many years, renowned for being both non toxic and hypo allergenic, jojoba will enhance the beard’s natural oils. These essential oils work together to hydrate the folicles of the hair and the neglected skin under the beard, keeping the hairy wingman hydrated while it grows. For those of you who understand all to well the infamous beard itch, or for anyone who tried to grow a beard  but always uses the excuse “I tried but I couldn’t handle the itch so I became a woman.” This oil is for you.

Beard Oil serves luxurious, stylish and functional purposes. Bidding good-day to the infamous itch is one of the many perks of Beard Oil. The dreaded irritation, caused largely by your hair follicles drying out and then as they dry stealing the moisture and oils from your skin beneath, will cause your beard to feel itchy. Left unattended this can lead to beardruff. Thats right gentleman. BEARDRUFF. Flaky, white, dry skin in your beard, I’d almost rather comb pop tart crumbs out of my beard than have flaky, white skin all day.

A beardsman strokes his beard on average once every 60 secs, surely you owe it to yourself and anyone close to you, to have a softer and more grand feeling face of hair to stroke and ponder the worlds problems with? When the beard grows naturally it is deprived of moisture, which allows the bristles to become stiff causing the ends to snap and create that rough spiky feeling and can also be responsible for creating a patchy and uneven beard, and no one wants that!

Beard Oils are produced with some magnificent, masculine scents to occupy your face throughout the day, think of it as cologne for your beard. These scents are subtle and delicious, which is pretty convenient considering they sit right under your nose all day. The smells alone will keep you smothering your beard. Now we’re not talking oily, shiny, greased up beards here, you only need a few drops daily to keep these wild beasts under control. The oil itself will also control your loose beard ends and you will see a more even, soft and tangle free beard. So in short, beard oil acts as a conditioner, moisturiser, styling product and cologne. It is understandable why this product is an essential element to the modern beardsmans grooming routine.

Still need convincing?

Anyone with more than 10 days growth will see benefits from beard oil, whether you maintain short to long stubble or are sporting a styled beard, or go for the glorious full mane. Start with roughly 4 drops of oil, rub it in your palms and then start working through your beard from the bottom of the beard up. Make sure you get a nice even coverage. Now work the oil through the beard in the opposite direction and don’t forget about the moustache! Continue to work down until you have even coverage. You have the option to leave it like this or if you’re feeling it, you can take it one step further using a beard comb and comb the oil through the beard, this will help distribute the oil as well as style the beard.

Happy bearding gentlemen!

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