How To Trim + Style Your Beard at Home

With so many of us forced into working from home and most of our trusted Barbershops shut for what we are told will be at least 6 months to help control the spread of COVID-19 our grooming routines are sure to change. While we all adjust to this new way of life for the next little bit we may need to start taking some matters into our own hands. The good news is trimming and styling your beard at home is pretty easy all you need is just a little bit of knowledge. While we can’t control everything in the next few months there are some things we can control and the look of your beard is one of those things so whether you’ve got a video meeting or you just want to keep your beard looking great so that you don’t come out of isolation looking like Tom Hanks from Castaway, we got you! Our handy guide and top tips to trimming your beard at home will get you by until you can get your pride and joy back to the barbershop sometime in the future.

1) Don’t trim wet.

Rookie mistake, it might feel the most intuitive to trim when you are fresh from a shower, but it’s best to trim dry. When your hair is wet it has more weight and will appear longer. Once the water dries, your hair will curl up and shrink a little. It is not uncommon for guys to trim the beard when wet and then realise when it dries that they went too far, unfortunately by this point it is too late. Before you trim make sure you have towel dried or blow-dried your beard to remove as much water content as possible so you get an accurate length before you hack away.

2) Tools Needed

Honestly, all you need is a comb and a pair of grooming scissors, we prefer the control and comfort a specially designed pair of beard scissors will provide. You can use electric beard trimmers as well however if you have any decent length to your beard you will want to trim different parts at different lengths so we do not recommend an electric trimmer as you can ruin your look if you don’t know what you’re doing, scissors may take a little longer but the end result is a better-looking beard, more controlled and less chance of ruining your beard. Leave the electric tools to the barbers who know how to use them properly for us at home novices scissors will work best. 

3) Comb the opposite direction

Next, you want to expose any uneven areas in your beard before we start cutting, this best way to do this is comb upwards and make it fluffy, this will enhance these parts. Trim these areas up, starting small. Once you are happy with the length and shape, comb the beard back to its natural position. 

As you can see by combing the beard upwards we reveal the longer fluffy bits that need to be trimmed. Trim these bits up before we comb back down and move on to the main event.

4) Beard Lines and Shape

The most important step to the look of the beard, this is single-handedly the biggest thing guys do wrong at home with their beard trimming. Far too many beards have been ruined by guys trimming too high and not following a natural line and believe us when we say your jawline is not your neckline and no, your beard does not look natural there at all. It is actually an inch or so below this. You want your beard to go beyond your chin, cover any double or triple chins and meet at – or just above – your neckline (the part where your neck and chin meet). An easy way is to imagine a line running from the outside of your ear that gently curves down and meets with your neckline before following the same path up to your other ear. 

Next, trace a line along your outer sideburns heading straight down towards your neck, it is the area behind where these two imaginary lines meet that is waste and can be removed. It is always best to keep a bit of roundness where these two points meet, just to keep it natural.

Trim away everything that falls outside these two imaginary lines, this will give you a great looking style to your beard that is easy to follow and pretty hard to mess up. Make sure you do the same for the other side.

5) The Cheeks

This one is pretty easy but also an important part of finishing and tidying up your look. This isn’t necessary, but it will help create a clean line and shape to your beard. Simply find the best place to create a line from your inner sideburns down the rest of your beard and trim anything above this area. A lot of guys find that the lines created when they smile are a good guide. If you are going to trim the cheeks up the best tool is a cut throat razor as you can get a perfect line, however you can use any razor to get the line along the cheeks.


6) Maintain

Now the hard work is done, it is easier for you to build some time into your beard grooming routine once a week for maintenance. If you can stay on top of the strays that take away from the shape, you will see better longevity out of your beard shape. Simply use your beard scissors to trim the strays as they appear and your beard will keep its shape and style. 


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