How To Straighten Your Beard.

How To Straighten Your Beard

It only takes 4 easy steps and a couple of minutes to get your beard sitting straight. Watch the 1 minute tutorial below.

We are always getting asked is there any way to make my beard straighter? What product do i need? It’s actually really simple and easier than you think. The only difference from normal grooming and maintenance is you need to add heat in to your routine. We use a hairdryer as nearly everyone has one in their home, they are easy to use and actually give it a better result on the beard than other options. Check out the video above for a 1 minute easy to follow tutorial.

Step 1

Starting with a damp beard you want to brush the beard mostly in a downwards direction while focusing the heat from the hairdryer on to the beard. The longer you do this for the straighter your beard will be. Keep going until you are happy with the look.

Step 2

Apply few drops of beard oil after you’ve finished with the hairdryer. This will help put some moisture back into the beard after the heat and also soften up the beard hair. Which is important for locking the shape in.

Step 3

Comb the beard oil through the beard in a downwards direction, this allows you to easily distribute the product but most importantly will straighten the beard out one last time before we lock it in.

Step 4

The most important step, use some beard balm to help lock in the straightened shape of your beard. This will plump the beard hairs up and as it dries will keep the hairs straight. 

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