How to Soften Your Beard in 2 Weeks!

Coarse, Thick, Curly and generally a little wiry. Beard hair is more like your hair downstairs than the hair on your head. So, is there a way to make it feel a little softer for you and anyone lucky enough to be close enough to your beard? While we can’t change too much about the structure of the hair there’s absolutely a lot you can do to improve the feel and texture of the hair on your face. If you’re serious about getting a softer beard adopt the routine below for two weeks and feel the difference.

Comb It!

Something you should be doing on the daily is running a comb through your beard. The benefit to this is not only will it train your beard to grow in a consistent direction which will give your beard a more unified, solid feel and appearance but you’re actually taking the oils from your skin beneath and running them through your hair follicles as you comb. This will lead to a softer more nourished beard.

Trim Less!

While a decent beard requires a trim from time to time, try and limit this to when your shrub is really out of control. Each time you take to your man growth with scissors or an electric trimmer your making the ends of the hair spiky and sharp. Straight away this is going to make your beard feel scratchy and itchy. If you’re combing every day the stray hairs will be less noticeable and you can get away without trimming a lot longer.

Oil It Up!

Obviously, we’re biased when it comes to the use of beard oil but there’s no denying the stuff works. To get a soft beard you want to use beard oil twice a day for the first two weeks. Make sure you apply it to a damp beard, the best time is straight out of a shower once you’ve towel dried your beard. Once the initial two weeks is up your beard and skin should be well nourished, you can maintain this by cutting back to once a day.

Don’t Style!

This one is a little unexpected but you want to minimize the amount of wax that builds up in your beard. If you’re using a styling balm that has a high wax content you’re going to be making your beard feel dry as the wax stiffens up and coats your hair. Balms are great for style but if it’s a soft beard you’re after you’ll want to stick to a light hold balm or take a break for the first two weeks while you’re beard is sucking in all that beard oil goodness.

Wash It!

You want to make sure you’re getting rid of dirt build up. Have you noticed you get sick less now you have a beard than you did before? A thick beard is great for filtering out germs and dirt from the air you breathe, however, once it is in there it has a hard time escaping. You want to wash your beard at least once a week but even more so when you’re hunting for that soft beard to stroke and fondle. You want to wash out the dirt and anything else that’s found its way in there. Always follow up with a beard oil as soon as you’ve washed to replace the oils. For bonus points, you can use a beard softener once you’ve washed your beard.

A softer beard is one thing we get asked about a lot, literally almost every day. Often it is actually the ladies that are asking us for tips on how to soften their partner’s beard. If you want to stand out from the crowd, do your partner or potential partner a favor and soften your beard, you can thank us later.

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