How To Grow a Thick Beard, Fast!

Is your beard not growing as thick as you would like? Maybe you’ve tried in the past and gave up or perhaps it’s something you’ve always wanted to do and you are looking to start your beard journey or maybe you just want the best, thickest beard possible!

Either way, we’ve got 3 top tips that will help you get that thicker beard fast which we’re about to share with you. However, first, we need to clear some things up. Without a doubt, the biggest contributor to how thick and quickly your beard will grow comes down to a little thing called genetics and DNA. There’s not a whole lot we can do in this department some people are born with good beard genes while others need to work that little bit harder. The second thing, there are no miracle beard growth products and to be frank any products that claim they will help the beard grow should be avoided. All these growth serums and pin rollers are marketed towards people wanting a quick fix and none of them have any tangible science to back the claims up.

Now does any of this mean that we cant get that thick, dense beard any quicker? Of course not! We live in a world of instant gratification and we’ve got 3 tips that will help get your beard thicker in just a short amount of time.


1. Learn To Love Beard Products

Beard products such as beard oil and beard balm are honestly game-changers for your beard. They control how good it looks and assist in how quickly it grows. The first step for any great beard is to moisturize, a well-hydrated beard is a healthy one. Beard oil is designed for both hair and skin but most benefits are actually for the skin. It will easily absorb into the skin beneath the beard, immediately moisturizing the area and will also store itself in little reservoirs under the skin. This allows the beard follicles an extra surplus to pull nutrients and oils from to keep the follicles healthy and strong. This stops the skin itching and drying out which is a very common issue for guys with beards. Beard oil can assist in growing a thicker beard quicker as a well oiled, hydrated beard follicle is a lot stronger than when it is dried out. A stronger follicle will resist breaking prematurely. If the beard hair is dry, often the beard follicles will snap as you scratch or run your hands through your beard resulting in less hair in your beard as well as shorter patches throughout the beard.

Beard Balm is also important as it is thicker than beard oil and provides more nutrition for the actual hair follicle and not so much the skin beneath. It will coat the beard giving you a light to medium style hold, perfect for controlling the look of your beard. However, you also get an immediate thickness boost as the balm will coat each beard strand and it will make each follicle a little thicker in appearance. The long term benefit to using a beard balm is it will lock in moisture and nutrients to the individual follicles which are going to deeply hydrate the beard hair making it soft and healthy and making each follicle stronger and able to resist breakages.

Remember both products compliment each other but Beard Oil is for the skin and Beard Balm is for the hair. Use both daily for the best results.

2. Keep It Clean

You don’t need to wash your beard every day this will dry your beard out which we know from the previous tip a dry beard will lead to hair follicles breaking. Our beard hair is also far different to the head on our hair, facial hair has a thick, course unique structure when compared to your head hair which is why it is important to use a specifically designed beard wash which won’t dry the hair out and will strengthen and soften the beard follicles. We recommend washing 2 to 3 times a week however you can use more or less depending on how active you are. Another tip is to make sure you pat dry your beard with a towel afterward, roughing it up with the towel can lead to follicles breaking and getting tangled. Follow a wash immediately with beard oil for the best results.

Combing and brushing is also an important part of the cleaning phase. Combing helps distribute the oils through your beard as well as training it to grow a certain way while also encouraging new growth. As you comb your beard you are stimulating the blood vessels beneath the skin, this encourages blood to flow to the area bringing with it a pile of nutrients your beard can use to help grow.

3. Consistency and Time

As we said previously there is no miracle cure to give you instant beard thickness and fullness but the above tips can easily be incorporated into your daily grooming routine with very little effort. The important thing is good habits grow great beards. Make sure you’re consistent with your grooming to ensure your beard reaps the rewards.

So to recap here is a sample routine we suggest to help get your beard thicker and ultimately grow into the beard you’ve always wanted.

Recap Top Tips.


Use a beard oil daily, make sure you rub into the skin


Follow with a beard balm to coat the beard hair


Clean with a beard wash 2 – 3 times a week and only ever pat dry


Comb your beard in the direction you want it to sit


Make a commitment to your beard and be consistent with your grooming

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