How to Craft a Glorious MAN Beard.

Gentleman, this one may seem like a bit of a no brainer.

Growing a beard is simple right? Stop Shaving?

Well by all means down the razor and be done with it, but be warned this could be you



Joaquain Phoenix, I’m sure you are a nice guy, but I don’t think i’ll be taking any beard grooming or styling tips from you.

For those of you that have crafted your beard already, congratulations on joining the ranks of man. For the rest of you, the first six weeks is the most important part in the crafting of the beard. Unfortunately, genetics usually plays the biggest role in what sort of beard you can grow and you can never really be sure what sort of beard you can sport until at least six weeks. This is the beauty of the beard, every man is unique and no two beards are the same. In the first six weeks your facial hair will grow at different lengths and it is possible you may look like the guy above. But don’t stress! It is short lived as opposed to the years of glorious bearding ahead. The trick is to not touch it for six weeks. I repeat, really important not to touch for six weeks. So many men make the mistake of trying to shape and trim the beard before it is mature. If you start shaping now you will never know how glorious your beard may be. If you are worried about looking like a deranged lunatic who may start talking about UFO abductions if approached then read on. You may want to start your beard in a holiday period, that way it will be less likely to receive negative comments. It is only while the beard is patchy and uneven that it will look like this. Around six weeks you will see the beard begin to level out and fill in.

One of the biggest problems that will turn men away from growing out there mane is the infamous beard itch. We’ve all been there, it’s part of the process. You see, the skin beneath is not used to these strange coarse hairs growing from it and stealing the oils that usually help keep it nourished and moisturised.

Gentleman, the dreaded itch is no longer a valid excuse.

With the recent explosion of beard oils you can bid farewell to your itch. Designed for anyone with ten days growth and onwards, they replace the oils in your skin and also leave your beard feeling luscious. You will also notice a massive reduction in the itch. If you were worried about the look as it grows, beard oils will help aid in patchiness and produce a more even beard. The trick with beard oils is not to use them sporadically and for best results they need to be a part of a daily routine. Remember a little goes a long way, I’m talking about a few drops daily to make your beard soft, remove the itch, control the loose beard ends and make your statement of man smell outright enticing.

Can beard oil help my beard grow faster?

No, unfortunately as mentioned before your genetics play the biggest role in how fast your hairy friend will grow out. A lot of fellow beard enthusiasts suggest a diet high in protein but really, you will never know until you give it a go.

Gentleman set yourself a date six weeks in the future and make a commitment not to shave it off or shape it until that date is reached. The itchiness and spikiness (that I’m sure your beloved will complain about) can all be controlled with the introduction of beard oil into your daily routine. Washing your beard with shampoo is also important and the same shampoo you use on your hair is fine but not too often because you don’t want to strip the natural oils, twice a week is enough. Don’t play with your beard too much, this one is really difficult. I always find whenever I’m talking to somebody I’m always stroking my beard like a creep. The more you leave it alone the less chance it has of being patchy. Once you’ve reached your goal date, make the decision: Are you going to have a full beard? Style it down? Or just rock an awesome moustache with a twirl? The best option is to take yourself to a good barber, they will be able to style it and tidy it up to a point where you should be able to maintain it on a weekly basis. Keep using your beard oil for a healthy, shiny and soft beard. I guarantee you will be getting looks of jealousy and amazement at your beard crafting ability. And take pride in the fact your face is now that much more awesome!

Happy Bearding Gents,

The Bearded Stag


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  1. Filip says:

    Hi I have started to grow my beard and I need some good product that will help me grow it really good, and I also have to dye my beard as it starts to become orange and I have brown hair and brown skin don’t know why it does that??

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