Best Beard Combs and Brushes to Tame Your Beard.

Like any manly task, the tools you use can often make or break the project. Beard grooming is no different. Beard oils and beard balms are the modern beardsman’s best friend, however these products are only the ingredients to the project that is your beard. To take your healthy, nourished facial hair to the next level, […]

# 2 Aleksandar Jason 08/14

The Craft Of Manliness, for those that don’t know is our monthly interview where we throw it over to you guys, the Gents living the bearded life. Just a casual chat on all things beard. If you would like to take part, tag your bearded photos on instagram with #thecraftofmanliness or email us This […]

What is the Best Pomade for my Hair Type?

  Hair pomade is the go-to hair styling product for the modern gentleman. A timeless classic from the barber shop era of days gone by, pomade’s popularity has seen a resurgence in recent times due to it’s versatility, ability to control the most waviest and curliest of hair types and its modern formula which is often […]