The 7 Deadly Sins Of Beard Grooming

We are in the era of the beard. With celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Keanu Reeves and Ryan Reynolds swapping their smooth chins for something more primal and rugged, it seems that the beard is the new Rolls Royce. However, whether you’re a wannabe hipster, or a full-blown bearded gent, there are some beard […]

What does your beard say about you?

In Shakespeare’s time, calling someone a “lackbeard” was one of the most emasculating insults you could throw at a chap. Only in recent years have luxurious beards truly come back into mainstream fashion, and now the manliness previously reserved for lumberjacks and castaways is enjoyed by everyone from your barista to your CEO. Now that […]

Where is my bushy mane? Am I still a man?

It’s no secret, we love beards. Really, a beard enhances everything: masculinity, ruggedness, not to mention practical warmth. Thousands of years ago, getting a beard cut off was a form of punishment, and the freshly-shaved subject would scamper off in disgrace. But not every man has a great need for beard trimming advice or beard […]

How to Win The Bearded Chap – Polo Ralph Lauren Bomber Jacket

Man do we have a killer giveaway for you guys! We’ve teamed up with the gentleman at The Bearded Chap to bring you a strictly limited edition Polo Ralph Lauren x The Bearded Chap bomber jacket worth $415. The jacket; Forrest green in colour with brass hardware, corduroy collar and moleskin trim pockets. The Bearded […]