Best Beard Combs and Brushes to Tame Your Beard.

Like any manly task, the tools you use can often make or break the project. Beard grooming is no different. Beard oils and beard balms are the modern beardsman’s best friend, however these products are only the ingredients to the project that is your beard. To take your healthy, nourished facial hair to the next level, you’re going to need the right tool for the job. Let’s take a look at some comb/brush options and find out the benefits of plastic, wood or boars hair.

Let’s be honest, anything with a handle and a few teeth can really be considered a comb, so why do we have such a vast difference in price? Some combs can be found in your local bargain store on the 99c table while others are fetching more than $20. While indeed there is a vast difference between comb cost, it comes with good reason. In the world of combs, you get what you pay for. The cheaper combs on the market have been designed with only one objective – mass production with the cheapest possible cost. And yes, these combs do have a place on the market but for us beardos they are a big No-No. These combs are manufactured with a giant mould, cheap plastic is poured in and then they are snapped out once set. The problem with this is there is no love, when the combs are snapped out of the mould, imperfections and jagged bits of plastic are left on the comb, these are often hard to see with your eye, and if you have ever felt your hair catching and being pulled as you comb you’ll know what we’re on about! This leaves damaged follicles and snapped hairs,  which can be even more damaging to the thick nature of your face branches. On the other end of the scale we have the more expensive, hand crafted combs, which as the name suggests are individually crafted by hand. Every tooth is hand cut and polished to perfection. Not only does this mean you get to brag to your buddies that your comb is handcrafted, but you will have the most pleasurable combing experience of your life. Every tooth is smoothed to perfection meaning your comb will glide through your beard like a hot knife through butter. This can also reduce beard split ends giving you a healthier shaped beard.


Apothecary 87 Man Club Barber Comb

 Wood is another great choice for beard combs, not to mention how manly you look combing your beard with a hunk of wood. There are some other benefits (other than the obvious cool factor) to using a wooden comb. The natural state of wood helps your hair from drying out as it will distribute the oil through your hair better than plastic – making for perfect, even coverage of your beard oil. Unlike plastic and metal, wood does not distribute static. This means a wooden comb will reduce frizz and prevent the static snapping and damaging your hair. Also ideal for those with sensitive skin or scalps as the timber is softer than plastic. A decent wooden comb has the potential – if looked after correctly – to last through many a beard season, but take note,  you should never wash a wooden comb with water. The best way to clean your wooden comb is to apply a small amount of beard oil and rub into the comb every few weeks, the oils found in beard oil like jojoba will actually nourish and protect the timber.


Lastly, you gentleman with a bit more length in that face shrubbery may want to pick up a brush as well as a comb. In this case a natural boars hair bristle brush is the tool for the job. The boars hair bristles are naturally scaly which will grab any excess product such as beard oil (or your natural oils) and distibute evenly along the entire shaft of the hair follicle, making your man mane glisten with health and shine. Like a good wooden comb, boars hair brushes can help fight frizz in your beard, and make it appear more full by giving a smoother hair shaft.

Whatever beard tool you find works for you, be sure to go for quality – your beard will thank you for it! Brushes and combs really are the best way to maximise all the time and effort you’re putting towards your beard grooming, so be sure to check out our range.


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  2. Atena says:

    For our beard we should use quality products including scissor, combs, brushes etc if you use low quality products because these are available in cheap prices, these can prove harmful for us. The brushes and combs which you provide for beard are seeming very best and comfortable. it is not a big fact that these are little bit costly than other products but it is a big fact these are best than other products.

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