Just Doing Our Little Bit!

Like most young Aussies we are very conscious of looking after our planet both for now and our future generations. We’re proud to do our little bit and here are some of the ways we are helping out.

Because shaving a beard is a bad as destroying the bushland. Well in our eyes anyway.

Just because the cliche bearded lumberjack runs around with an axe doesn’t mean we want to see our Aussie bushland disappear.

How Are We Helping?


We’re super proud of this one, being an online business we ship alot of orders around the country so it was important for us to reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve partnered with Sendle who are a 100% carbon Neutral company, meaning the carbon from our deliveries is offset in other ways. On top of that we also offset our own unavoidable carbon use by purchasing offsets through the CNCF who plant trees in Australia so by purchasing through us you are supporting the rehabilitation of degraded land here in Australia that has previously been cleared for commercial purposes.


No animal testing! To be honest, why would you? Instead you’ll find our products are tested on men with wild beards. 


Australia has seen the country battle with the worst bushfires on record, millions of animals and thousands of homes have been destroyed as well as worse. We are contributing to the Red Cross Au disaster relief fund to help out throughout. We encourage the rest of Australia to do so if they are able to as well.