How we became Australia’s Beard Experts.

How can we make beardcare easy, effective and most importantly give the gift of a great beard to as many people as possible?

That’s what we ask ourselves every day. It’s what all our important decisions are based around. That constant question has led us to be regarded as the beard grooming product experts in Australia.

Founded in 2014 by Anthony Kenny. The Bearded Stag was the first beard specific store that offered a number of different brands under the one roof. There were plenty of beard grooming products emerging and most were overseas in the US and Europe. Beards were starting to become more acceptable in the workplace and guys were looking to get their beard looking and feeling better than ever before. That’s where beard grooming products and The Bearded Stag comes in. 

2014 Saw us source a highly curated range of beard products both locally and the world over and bring them to the masses in Australia before anyone else. Anthony put all the products through vigorous testing in his own beard to make sure the products were the best of the best and were’t full of bull$h!t claims and actually did as they said. Most of the products that were tested never made it to The Bearded Stag, he didn’t want a huge over complicated product range that was confusing and hard to navigate. Even now, this very day we still test the s#!t out of everything that comes our way. This is why you won’t find endless product lists but instead, a good assortment of quality beard products that strikes the right balance between choice and quality.

The Bearded Stag is proud to give guys confidence and improve their beards by giving them the tools to get the style and look they want. When you’ve got the beard of your dreams your confidence skyrockets and s#!t just happens. You keep growing and we’ll keep giving you the products to look and feel your best.


Operating for over 6 years


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Customer rating

“Bearded stag are incredible both in terms of quality of product, service and response to questions”

~ Angelo M

Most guys spend a minimal amount of time on their daily grooming routine, we need to make sure the products we offer enhance their regime by being easy to use, simple to understand and take minimal time to get great results. We can’t fill the bathroom with crap just because it has cool packaging if it’s on the shelf it needs to perform. If it doesn’t get results or is too complicated to use its not worth its space. Beards are easy to grow but not many guys now how to style, it’s pretty easy to make your beard stand out and give other people beard envy if you’ve got the right gear.

– Anthony Kenny

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