# 2 Aleksandar Jason 08/14

The Craft Of Manliness, for those that don’t know is our monthly interview where we throw it over to you guys, the Gents living the bearded life. Just a casual chat on all things beard. If you would like to take part, tag your bearded photos on instagram with #thecraftofmanliness or email us info@thebeardedstag.com

This month we have Australian photographer Aleksandar Jason. Aleksander has a unique ability at capturing moments in time. His photographs offer a timeless glimpse into his life and often present themselves in a way that inspire thoughts of nostalgia and endless holidays. He is definitely one of the instagrammers you should follow. True fact, his feed is that good that Instagram themselves follow Aleksandar. Check him out at : @aleksandarjason


Aleksandar bases himself from Melbourne and is sought after for his unique style, often working with musicians, brands and other commercial clients. He has helped support us here at The Bearded Stag from the beginning and with a beard like that we just had to bring this Bearded Gent in for #thecraftofmanliness

TBS: First of all, your photography is next level, tell us a little bit about what you do with that?

AJ: Thanks TBS, it’s a full time job now but mostly its a way for me to get creative and actually allow myself to get away from this world. I mix in a lot of different jobs/clients such as Vice Magazine, Yamaha Music, Schnitz, the list goes on.


TBS: That’s awesome Man! So, that beard! We love the style and it really suits the creative lifestyle you lead, have you always had a beard? What made you decide to take the plunge and let it grow?

photo 1-2AJ:  It was such a challenge to get away with any facial hair back in high school, attending a private boys college with the teachers hating any type of teen anarchists and by that I mean sideburns or Mo’s! So once I graduated I just let it go and here we are. Also my beard kinda pays tribute to my late grandfather who really loved knowing his first/oldest grandson could grow facial hair, making him proud

TBS:  The acceptance of beards is certainly evolving, which is great to see, have you found your beard has influenced how people view you at all?

AJ:  It’s a great conversation starter, I must say I’ve had a few sticky situations at airports! It’s pretty crazy, thus why you need to tame your beard! Also, helps having a partner who loves the facial hair <3

TBS: So whats on the horizon now?

AJ: Hopefully some more adventures overseas in the next 12months, aside from that I’m hoping I can grow a thicker MO 🙁


Thanks Aleksandar for a brief glimpse into your world. Keep the pics coming and the beard growing!









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